After many years of visiting way more theme parks than is probably healthy, and thinking many thoughts about said parks, I have decided to think those thoughts out loud and share them with you, mighty Internetz. Why? Well…

  • I wear baggy ol’ judgy-pants. I usually have strong opinions on if things are done well, and it was beaten into me in Liberal Artsy undergrad that I’d better be able to justify those feelings with actual articulated reasons and arguments, or else they don’t count and are not real or whatever. If I’m going to be feeling these annoying feels, I should at least do something with them.
  • I’ve spent the last two years torturing my psyche with graduate school,  studying user experience design. That includes topics such as universal design, design of interactive environments, and industrial design, so now everything that doesn’t work properly annoys me instantly, and you’re gonna hear about it.
  • I’d love to some day work in the themed entertainment design industry, so ranting about writing thoughtful critiques of these types of spaces and experiences now seems like a good way to work out what I could potentially contribute.
  • I tend to forget all the fun times I have at theme parks as they all blend together after a while, and that’s just sad!

Bonus! Despite this blog’s cynical and alliterative moniker, I may post about other entertainment spaces, as well, such as museums and events. The core concepts are often quite similar, and remembering those things, too, wouldn’t be the worst. Cool? Cool. So, soon… Coaster Killjoy shall begin! Like, after graduation. Yeah. Oof.

Potential Posts/Self-Inflicted Accountability List:

  • Six Flags Over Georgia, my home park. Not by choice, but, you know… It’s like family. Smelly, apathetic family.
  • King’s Dominion: Land of Elusive Entrances.
  • Six Flags Magic Mountain, The Wacky Knee Chronicles: A study in making my boyfriend push me up literal mountains in a wheelchair.
  • The Georgia Aquarium, the most aesthetically pleasing hot mess you ever did fail to get around efficiently.
  • Theme Park Hacks: Sneakity Sneakrets and Strats.
  • The Exploratorium: A Mostly Non-Rant
  • Disneyland: The Land Disney May or May Not Have Forgotten…? …guys?
  • Maybe, just for fun, recaps of the exploration of abandoned parks, that could totally just be a completely fictional narrative using photos found on the internet and which did not at all involve trespassing in any way, shape, or form because trespassing is bad and dangerous.
  • An Adventure Inventory, in which I go through all my ticket stubs and check-ins and see what I’ve actually been doing with my life.

Alright, so, I’ll get the churros and you get the pretzels, and we’ll meet at the FastPass entrance to Space Mountain? Yeah? Cool.

Oh — and in the meantime, you can keep track of me keeping track records: La’s CoasterBuzz Track Record